Puppetry Arts Institute

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Field Trips

Puppetry Arts Institute welcomes field trip groups to come for Puppet Painting Workshops and Group Performances of Puppet Shows

Puppet Painting Workshops

Puppet Painting Workshops provide children, youth or adults the opportunity to paint a vinyl head of their choice to create a special hand or mouth puppet of the “artist’s” own design. After painting their puppet they choose a costume and then our sewing team assembles the puppets so they take home a completed project. These new “puppeteers” can perform with their new puppet on a stage.

PAI welcomes all kinds of groups for puppet painting workshops: schools, daycares, preschools, homeschoolers, families, adult care centers, summer campers, adult groups, and teachers. Supplementary materials provided on request that share some history of puppetry and how puppets are manipulated.

Cost for the session is $8.00 per person.

We can accommodate workshop groups of up to 30 participants. If your group is larger than this, we have alternative ideas of how to split your group where one group paint puppets while the other group enjoys a local park or tourism site and lunch, and then the groups flip to do the other activity.

Allow 60-90 minutes minimum for this activity.

Recommended ages: 4 years through adults.

To schedule your group we request that you contact us no sooner than two weeks in advance. Summer sessions fill up fast.

For more information, contact us at 816-833-9777, or email pai@att.net.



Scheduling a Puppet Show for your group

On-site puppet shows for groups include the following options:

  • Attend a scheduled monthly puppet show on a Saturday or holiday Monday at 11:00 or 2:00 with reservations (required). Cost: $6 per person (check the monthly puppet show listing on our website)
  • Request a private on-site puppet show performed by the Two Frogs and a Turtle Puppet Company for children ages 3-10. Cost $150 for up to 30 (children and adults) and $6 each additional person. (45 minutes).
  • Request a private on-site puppet show called Imagination Celebration performed by Kraig Kenisinger where kids are entertained by the puppeteer and then get to create unique puppets from repurposed items. Cost $8 per child. 20 minimum and 35 maximum. Ages:6-12   Can include a tour of the museum displays.
  • Call PAI for more information.