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Marionette Construction

Create Your Own Hazelle Clown Marionette

Make a GENUINE Hazelle clown marionette using many authentic Hazelle materials.

Aspiring puppeteers (ages 12 and up) will paint, dress, string and learn how to manipulate a classic Hazelle clown. Your clown can be happy, silly or sad as you create it’s “look” with cel-vinyl paint and dress it in a ruffled clown jumpsuit.

After tying on its strings, you will learn how to make it walk tall, “ease on down the road” and do the “Hokey Pokey”. This workshop takes about 4 hours, is $45 and requires reservations and one week’s notice when scheduling. Hazelle marionettes were designed as children’s toys and as such have short strings, limited range of movement and are light weight.