Puppetry Arts Institute

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On the Road


We offer touring shows for school-age children.   Shows for grown-ups also available.   Prices for shows range from $175 – 300.   Call PAI at 816-833-9777 or email pai@att.net for details.


Preschool & Early Elementary

For Preschool and Early Elementary children, the Two Frogs and a Turtle Puppet Company will present a 30-minute hand puppet show with a story, jokes, and singing. Anitra Steele offers a choice of shows from a wide range of themes, mostly literature based and all developmentally appropriate.


Imagination Celebration

Experience a showcase of dazzling puppet styles and learn to create unique puppet performers from simple repurposed items.

Kraig Kensinger, puppeteer


Bear Necessities

Big Mama Bear presents a jamboree of amazing talent.  See puppet bears sing, juggle, dance, and amuse.  A sight to behold!

Kraig Kensinger, puppeteer


Old McDonald’s Farm Show

Friends from the farm shine at the big puppet county fair.  Meet down home characters of song, surprise, and toe tapping fun!

Kraig Kensinger, puppeteer


Technical requirements:

  • Space: 10’ by 10’ for Two Frogs and a Turtle and Imagination Celebration – 20’ by 20’ for marionette shows
  • Electricity
  • Table/chairs
Shows tour within 100 miles of the PAI and can be presented twice during the day at the same location. Fees stated are for one show and may vary depending on travel distance, the number of shows, type of venue and specific shows.