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Sister Mary Annette Nun Puppet Purchase and Rental

The handmade puppet is made from the pattern created by puppeteer Pady Blackwood for the original off-Broadway production of “Nunsense.”

RENTAL: $175.00 for three to four week period. (plus shipping and handling)

PURCHASE: $300.00 (plus shipping and handling)

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal or check.

We are the world producers of Nunsense Puppets used in the 9 different Nunsense productions. We have shipped puppets all over the world.

We were given production rights by Pady Blackwood, the original designer for the Broadway productions. Nancy Clark learned the skills for producing these puppets from Pady, who was our artist in residence until his passing.

To learn more and request your Nun Puppet, contact Puppetry Arts Institute at 816-833-9777 or via email at [email protected].