Puppetry Arts Institute

+1-816-833-9777 [email protected]


The PAI has need of you!


Do you like helping children and adults create?

During the year, the PAI needs volunteers who can help with our puppet painting workshops.   An average session lasts about 2 hours.  You would help with distributing paint, adding detail to the puppets if needed, stitching or gluing costumes on, and possibly washing brushes and resetting the tables.

Do you like to sew?

PAI is looking for a few good seamstresses to make the costume bodies for our puppets.  We have a sewing machine here or volunteers are welcome to take the costumes home to sew. 

If you have extra fabric you want to get rid of, we could use it for our puppet costumes, so donations are always welcome. 

Contact PAI at 816-833-9777 or by email at [email protected] if interested.