Puppetry Arts Institute

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The PAI has need of you!

Do you like helping children and adults create?

During the year, the PAI needs volunteers who can help children and adults create their own hand puppets using Hazelle stock by distributing the special cel-vinyl paint, offering options and stitching puppet costumes at the neck. An average session is about a 2 hour commitment, distributing paint, adding detail to the puppets if needed, stitching or gluing costumes on, possibly washing brushes and resetting the tables.

Do you like to sew?

Nothing is worse than a naked puppet so the PAI is looking for a few good tailors. The costume bodies for the hand and sleeve puppets are already cut and pinned and just need the felt hands attached, outline stitched, turned and hemmed. They are mostly percale or flannel cotton fabric. While we have a sewing machine here, volunteers are welcome to take the prepared costumes home to sew. 2017 saw approximately 2450 puppets made, so to keep our pledge for no naked puppets, we can use your help.

We also welcome donations of lightweight, woven, non-stretchy fabric. [Think quilt fabric.]