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Trader’s Corner

After several requests that PAI help our customers buy, sell or trade original Hazelle marionettes, hand puppets, and memorabilia, we have decided to list names and contact information on our website for collectors. While our in house gift shop always accepts donations of Hazelle items to re-sell, that will give you a tax write-off for your donation to a 501(c)3 organization, now we can also help you trade or purchase Hazelle items and products with other collectors and dealers. Please contact the person(s) listed below directly for information about their items.

You may email us at [email protected] to have your listing added here.

April 5, 2022

Rick Stanton

[email protected]

I have MANY Hazelle marionettes,stands,plays,brochures, and stages.My Grand children have out grown their interest and 2 are in college already!!I would like to sell all the items we have acquired over the years and put the money towards their education and have someone enjoy the items we have.  I also have complete Daniel Oates Bozart collections.We have a complete collection of in the box marionettes and the stage still in it’s original box.The nice thing about this design was the controller that you can just pop off the strings to untangle.Very good for the younger ones.   Email me for a list of the items I have, with prices.


December 17, 2020
Carol Campbell
[email protected]

I’m looking for someone to purchase and love my wonderful collection of Hazelle marionettes, hand puppets, books, plays and paper items that came with the marionettes, and a few miscellaneous items. (List is attached here to view or print). The price is very reasonable and includes approximately 100 Hazelle marionettes, 16 plays, and 18 hand puppets. Contact me at the email address above if interested.


February 26, 2019

Looking to buy…
Martin Perlow is wanting to buy the following for his collection.   If you have any of these Hazelle items to sell or trade, please contact him at [email protected]
406 sagebrush
501 comedian
707 French cop
710 lamb
712 owl
805 dino
819 lion
hand puppet dog

January, 2019

Currently being sold in a lot are 90 marionettes, 18 hand puppets, 8 marionette books, 16 original puppet plays, 18 paper items which came with marionettes and a stand for hanging marionettes. Contact Carol, at [email protected]